Rocking Horse Footage

As a kid I was always fascinated by the existence of ghosts so much so that for a number if years I staunchly believed it. Nothing really that unusual about this as I also believed in UFO’s and the Kennedy conspiracy. As I got older though I found myself believing less and less, call it cynicism in my old age, call it maturity or plain common sense, whatever it was I never held fully onto that belief.
If we think about the traditional idea of ghosts and what they represent, they are widely believed to be spirits of the dead that are yet to pass over, usually believed to haunt an area where they have unfinished business or have suffered an extreme trauma. When people say they have seen a ghost to me nowadays I tend to smile and nod appreciatively but in my mind I’m thinking ‘you’re either deluded or a poor liar’. That was until I saw some evidence for myself.
Don’t get me wrong I was never slimed or possessed, if anything the ‘proof’ I’ve seen is second hand and from somebody I don’t know well enough to say I fully trust them. Obviously I’m not going to reveal any names or anything to compromise the identity of the family, they have given me full permission to talk about this though and post the video.
The video was taken in a friend of the family’s baby room early in 2011. The baby had been suffering with illness for quite sometime (think he was about one at the time) and had a high temperature every morning, although they could never put a finger on what the issue was as the baby seemed generally in good spirits during the day. The father had placed a camera in the room to see how the baby was reacting whilst he was asleep to see if there was anything in particular he was doing that was causing him to have a high temperature (can’t honestly think what he’d think he’d see the baby doing but I guess you’d try anything in that situation).
The video was taken whilst the baby was having his bath (ignore the time on the camera-technical issues were never their strong point) before bed and the dad had set the video recording so he wouldn’t forget. I must admit I am still skeptical but when you hear it from somebody you know and see some evidence, it’s the closest I have been to seeing actual evidence for myself all my life so I can’t help but be taken in by it.

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